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Depending on the provider, these are either available for download or can be used directly in the browser. The advantage is that customers only need an internet connection and a computer to trade currencies easily and simply from anywhere in the world. In addition, many broker sites are also accessible for mobile devices, so that trading from a smartphone or tablet on the go works without any problems. We are from however, especially newcomers would like to advise against trading via mobile devices.

The ActivTrades team is happy to hear such sincere, prudent and objective words about our company! The company still continues developing and enhancing the quality of its services. You can trade here and understand how a perfect broker should look like.

Special Offers for Select Clients:

In addition, we name the times when employees are available. In each of our tests, we also asked a few easier and harder questions and requirements for the support team. This allows us to convince ourselves of the achievements of the employees themselves. The processing of our requests is also included in the evaluation.

activtrades forex review

In conjunction with the minimum deposit, this value is also decisive for how many dollars should be deposited. In principle, we recommend starting with a capital of $ 500 and using no more than 5 percent of the total capital per position. With a higher leverage, it is possible to make more profit in the end by making lower bets and deposits. However, it should be mentioned that trading CFDs is also a risk precisely because of these levers.

Trading Software and MetaTrader

It also takes an understanding from the side of the broker, that, when a trader wishes to make money withdrawal, it is not by accident or just by desire, it is a product of “need”. Which means that the trader needs their money for something, maybe pay some bills, maybe emergency etc. They take it seriously, and they carry out the withdrawals fast. In our test, we examine these educational opportunities in particular and say for whom the offer is suitable. As it should be for a sufficient test, we would of course also like to make our own experiences with the support. That’s why we think about several test questions during our broker tests, with which we approach the support at different times.

activtrades forex review

We would like to point out that these levers do not apply to all currency pairs. If you want to trade your favorite pair, inform yourself before signing up on the broker’s page how high the leverage is then. After the basic reliability check, the first look goes to all possible types of Forex trading. Since the principle of Forex trading is rather limited, we will also go into various account types here. These, in turn, are usually achieved with a higher deposit and can bring very different advantages.

Mobile Devices

The support times are also taken into account, i.e. the times at which support staff are available. When choosing your broker, pay attention to the following points to find the best broker for Forex trading. Those who choose a good broker can successfully trade currencies and foreign exchange in the long run. By what means can deposits be made into one’s own account with the broker? How long is the time until a payout is actually made and what things have to be considered? All these and some other questions are addressed in the section on deposits and withdrawals.

  • For this purpose, we have developed various categories for which we will test the broker in a structured manner.
  • So choose a broker that offers a maximum leverage that suits your trading preferences.
  • You can also attend them and get new knowledge that may be applicable to trading.
  • We have changed the minimum deposit threshold predominantly to ensure access to our services to all traders and avoid making them accumulate a certain sum of money.

The requests are getting approved and replied to very quickly. That’s literally a definition of a decent client service. The tools, however, are the technical instruments designed to improve your trading experience. Most can only be installed onto your MTs, which is a good reason to use them.

So good when people know how to get things done in a way that is fast and comfortable for you. Still, it didn’t affect my trading activity, everything is okay with it. I still continue trading, enjoying trading platform and earning funds. Fast trading application recovery systems to restart and recover your trading from software, operating system and server interruptions. Whether it is a trading platform or Windows operating system issue, our team is always available to solve your problems.

Every Server is Trading Ready:

Some are more honest, but their over-the-top security makes sure it takes a lot of time. The support is not just there to answer your questions or solve your problems, it’s also helpful (when it’s done properly) at returning the funds you unrightfully lost . They don’t appropriate any money that doesn’t belong to them – and that’s a terrific sign. Furthermore, every market category has several sections dedicated to spreads, margin details, general information and the timetable of when it’s best to trade in these products. They give you all the help you need to understand whatever it is you’re going to trade in. Indeed, our experts always try to share their insights and nuggets of valuable information so our traders can always get a competitive advantage and edge on financial markets.

We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and activ trades review they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. It’s always great for us to receive highly valued feedback from our important clients.


Our expert support team can answer all your questions about high performance trade hosting. Best of all, you can rely on our expert support for advanced trading technologies. Giving you the edge you need to survive in today’s fast paced markets.

This is even though the online brokerage industry is fiercely competitive and constantly evolving. The business is licensed in the United Kingdom and registered with the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA #522157). XTB does not accept U.S. traders, like many other forex brokers. Forex broker CMC Markets , formed in 1989, has successfully adapted to the rapidly evolving internet brokerage market. With the ticker name CMCX, the corporation is traded on the London Stock Exchange . CMC does not welcome American traders, like many other forex brokers.

It went ActivTrades because of the large trading offer and low spreads, it stands out as a test winner. In addition to trading with the so-called Forex trading, providers for trading CFDs have been gaining popularity for several years. Here we did the test and compared the most famous providers with each other.

There are already several tools installed on this MT4 version chosen by ActivTrades. There are useful charts, indicators and different info logs. There are also many optional ActivTrades tools that can be requested for your interface. As you can see, AT gives you a lot of room for trading and strategy-making.

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